Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Your Wedding Garter

If you’re considering wearing a wedding garter, you have certainly found yourself in the right place! Today,
we are discussing everything you need to know about choosing your wedding garter, so keep reading and
get stuck into our ultimate guide for garters…

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Why do brides wear a garter? Let’s go back to basics and talk about the tradition behind the bridal
accessory. At one point in time, weddings were highly superstitious and it was often thought that the
wedding dress was ‘lucky’. For this reason, guests wanted a piece of the gown and would therefore tear off
the material to take it home. Eventually, this became the garter, symbolising luck and the consummation
of marriage. In America, the garter toss is a well-known wedding tradition whereby the groom will remove
the bride’s garter with his teeth. It is then thrown into the crowd for the men to catch, similar to a bouquet

pearl wedding garter

Nowadays, the garter is an essential accessory for the style-conscious bride. Finding the perfect accessories
to complete your aisle style can be just as difficult as picking out your gown and there’s certainly a lot to
consider. Fortunately, there are no rules when it comes to choosing a wedding garter. Whether you want
something feminine and floral, or a design with a subtle sparkle, you’re guaranteed to find a piece to suit
your aisle style in our collection.

crystal garter

If you’re wondering where to wear it, don’t fret! We are here to help and advise. Whether you choose to
wear your bridal garter on your left leg or your right leg, there is no wrong or right side! Just wear it on the
leg that feels most comfortable, as you will be wearing it all day so do what feels natural to you. There’s no
particular place on the leg that you should wear it either, but brides generally place it around 5 inches
above the knee. However, adjust it to suit you.

We always recommend trying it on before the morning of the wedding to ensure that it fits perfectly – you don’t want to have any last-minute stresses just before you’re about to make an entrance! If you want to double check the measurements for your garter, make sure you are stood up while doing so. Your garter should be tight enough so that it doesn’t slip down, but without causing any discomfort or irritation.

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Our bridal garters offer you the perfect opportunity to add ‘Something Blue’ and ‘Something New’ to your
aisle style, with our personalised little blue crystal. If you wanted to incorporate your ‘Something Old’ into
your garter, you could easily sew in a pretty gem, brooch or piece of meaningful jewellery. Make your garter an heirloom, by passing it on down through the generations.

Each and every garter arrives in a gorgeous gift box, packaged with acid free tissue paper to ensure it is completely protected, meaning you can treasure your garter long after your special day has ended.

Garters make the perfect bride to be gifts and hen party gifts too! A key element of any bride’s outfit, we
have a variety of styles, colours and designs for you to choose from. Your wedding garter is the final piece
of your outfit that will really make you feel like a bride.

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